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Craftsmanship That Stands the Test of Time

Trusted British Supplier of Leather goods since 1946

Flexible Production

Whether you require a small bespoke run of just 10 units, or need to ramp up production into the thousands, we've got you covered.

Our capabilities accommodate both small and large-scale demands efficiently.

Tailored or Stock

Our versatile offerings range from ready-to-ship products to sampling and fully customisable designs.

We offer flexibility tailored to your needs.

Premium Materials

We buy quality leathers and fabrics to meet diverse client requirements and budgets.

We also provide professional advice on the practicalities of designs and production methods.

Quality Hardware

Our extensive catalogue offers a variety of hardware, such as buckle options to complement your designs.

We carefully select every component, ensuring quality and consistency at every stage of production.

British-manufactured, embracing a tradition of excellence.

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Embarking on a journey to find a contractor of quality starts with a simple conversation. We're eager to hear from you today.

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